About Preventive Security Assessment Services

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect against threats that cause harm to people, information, and property.

About Our Company

Preventive Security Assessment Services is an independent security consulting firm. We do not sell or promote any merchandise related to the security industry. We do not provide armed or unarmed guard services. Preventive Security Assessment Services bases your risk analysis on decades of experience in Law Enforcement and Security Operations. Changing the way businesses and individuals approach their safety is our primary goal. Through proactive methods and informed assessments, we help increase our clients’ likelihood of recognizing harmful conditions and how to react.

About Our CEO/Founder

Marcello R. Kettrles, PSP®, is a 30-year veteran in the field of security and law enforcement. Mr. Kettrles expertise includes the areas of championing unauthorized access to locations, equipment, and data; surveillance; emergency response to imminent and dangerous situations; and security risk analysis. Mr. Kettrles is a member of ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security) and a board-certified PSP® (Physical Security Professional), signifying he’s mastered the areas of physical security, including systems design, implementation, and maintenance. Mr. Kettrles is skillful at identifying vulnerabilities, cost analyses, and threat assessments.

You Are Priority One

Feeling safe where you live, work, play, study, and worship are critical to your peace of mind. Our firm offers physical security assessment and security advice that will prepare you for various circumstances. Our business acumen is to identify and minimize threats to personnel, information and property and ensure you have reduced risk and increased security in your life.

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