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Protecting the things that matter most. Preventive Security Assessment Services integrates a suite of services that will help you accomplish that and more in a mutually supportive fashion. We draw from years of experience in Physical Security to instruct commercial and residential businesses on measures to increase safety while protecting assets. As Security Consultants, Preventive Security Assessment Services assist our clients in developing an action plan that will change how they address potential dangers.

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Contingency Plan

One of the most important and overlooked aspects of security for businesses and individuals is not having a contingency plan in place. We offer our clients a comprehensive security assessment that can be implemented at a moment’s notice.

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Physical Security Risk Assessment

Security threats are on the rise for organizations of all sizes and nearly every industry. There’s a fundamental need for companies to prove they have effective controls in place.

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Application, Design, and Integration of Physical Security Systems

Preventive Security Assessment Services will determine appropriate physical security measures and outline criteria for pre-bid meetings to ensure comprehensiveness and appropriateness of implementation. Preventive Security Assessment Services can design physical systems and prepare instructions and procurement of documentation. We will conduct final acceptance testing and implement/provide procedures for ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the measures.  

Security Policies & Procedures Development

Our seasoned industry team members bring decades of security, risk, & compliance experience and knowledge to the business of developing the required SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)We will work with our clients to develop documentation based on industry trends and best practices that are unique to your business needs. 

Security Awareness Training Includes:

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All organizations have a responsibility to protect employees and others by taking measures to detect threats of violence, intervene through incident management, and mitigate consequences should violence erupt. Organizations that cannot manage workplace violence may experience disruptive productivity, low morale, and a public image that communicates a disregard for employees’ safety.


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Everyone deserves the right to feel secure in their environment, whether at work, school, or home. Contact us to arrange your personalized physical security assessment and contingency measure analysis. Together, we’ll formulate an action plan to prepare for emergency situations such as bomb threats, natural disasters, fire safety, property damage, active shooters, and more.